Sunday, June 08, 2008

Indy How I Love Thee!

Throwing in a random thought here because my blog titled reminded me of it. Yes we did go on opening weekend to see the new Indiana Jones movie and yes I thoroughly enjoyed it. When they first played the famous theme music I couldn't help but smile and settle in to enjoy the ride.

Now on to the real reason for the title - last night was the Bombardier Learjet 550 at Texas Motor Speedway and we had a blast. Love this picture of Keith and Lynne' that I took right after we got there. :) None of us had ever been to an Indy race before and it was absolutely mind blowing how fast these cars go.

But before the race we had another thrill watching Captain Robbie Knievel jumping over 21 Hummers and setting a new world record. I know there's probably some of you rolling you eyes abot now, but it was honestly rather a thrilling thing to watch.

We've been to many Nascar races out at TMS and one of the things that was really cool about the Indy race was that during driver introductions the drivers walk down THROUGH THE STANDS and out to their cars! This is how close we were to E.J. Viso and that was awesome. And after the race they actually open the fence and let all the fans down in the pit/garage area to walk around and see the cars. Unfortunately it was already very late and Lynne' had to be at work early this morning, so we left. The good part about that is now we've saved something to look forward to next time. :)

And of course, the crowd favorite, Danica Patrick. This was the clearest picture I got of her car and it's during the race as she was going in for a pit stop. Again, these cars go fast and by the time your brain registers that they are in front of you they are already around on the back stretch. Anyway, one thing that struck me about the Danica fans was that there were lots of younger girls that cheered any time she did anything. I wonder if Danica has any idea how much inspiration she is to the Hannah Montana fan base? Lynne' and I got a kick out of watching these young girls jumping and screaming for Danica. :)


I just went back to proofread what I typed and when I looked at the picture of Lynne' and Keith I realized that I hadn't blogged about this event from last weekend. Lynne' went in and got her hair cut off for Locks of Love! Not only am I enormously proud of her for doing this, I really think it's C.U.T.E. on her!

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