Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sweet Friday

What an amazing Friday I had! It was one of those days that started off well and was good to the very end....and let me add that the "end" of my Friday was actually very early Saturday morning!

The start of this wonderful day was early yesterday morning. I've been wrestling with some things in my life and as I started my prayers before my Bible time I just put it on the table for God, since I was unsure if the way I was handling it was right or not. Now, while I know that prayers are answered, I also know that sometimes we have to look to see those answers and that sometimes the answers are not necessarily what we want. But yesterday as I read through my daily reading I was led to a verse that was so exactly what I needed to hear that it brought me to tears - literally. It was such a humbling experience to me and was at the forefront of my thoughts during the entire day.

After work a friend picked me up to attend a crop and I told her about this and we had such a great conversation about it. I am so blessed with the friends I have and to be able to share things like this is so awesome. I know that I'm not conveying my thoughts adequately here, but it really was great! :)

We headed out to a fundraiser crop hosted by Turtle Girl Designs and of course had a wonderful time full of friends, laughter and even some tears. These two gals are truly God-given friends and the more I'm around them and see what they are doing the more I am just blown away by their drive, their talent and their love.

And of course after being up very late I am never able to get right to sleep - too wound up I guess! This week has been a little difficult for me healthwise and I've been very run down. I'm hoping it's just "one of those things" and not a step towards another flare. But luckily today I have no plans at all and just plan to rest. Thank you Jesus for sleep!

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Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

It can be hard to give thoughts and situations to God to handle eh? I think the main thing is, is that we do this no matter how many times a day we need to stop taking back what we've given Him and just give it back (I hope that made sense).

Please do join the mitten KAL! We've got a few prizes up for grabs and I'll be telling what we have so far as soon as I get it figured all out (also there is another person who said she'd love to donate stuff and I need to contact her to see what it is). Just email me (it's on my profile) and let me know if you do want to join so I can add you to the member list. I'd love for you to be a part of our group as well as any other knitters (all knitters welcome).