Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day at The Lake

What a great weekend at the lake we had! James and Loni joined us with Xena the nut puppy. Joe really is not fond of her, mostly because of her untiring enthusiasm. I swear she never slowed down! And her favorite thing to do was to jump at Joe and nip at his ears until he finally got fed up with it and would growl at her. She'd stop for maybe five seconds, stare at him, jump around a bit and back at it.

On Sunday afternoon we all piled into the truck and went to a nearby beach to take the dogs swimming. The guys sat on chairs on the beach, but Loni and I headed into the water with both dogs. Poor Joe - Xena still was after him! He did figure out though that when the water was deep enough she had to put all her efforts into staying afloat, so he just turned his head and started walking out to the center of the lake! When he was deep enough that she didn't follow him he was perfectly happy. :)

Monday morning dawned cool and rainy, which we haven't seen in the longest time. Too bad it had to happen during a day off! So instead of playing in the lake we just stayed inside the cabin and got some of the games down. My favorite game of all time is Trouble - the Pop-o-matic game from my youth - and it was too much fun. Of course, it did help that I won, but then who's counting???

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Loni said...

You know, you won both trouble and skip bo that day, lol!