Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blucky Dinner

Last night's dinner was supposed to be very healthy and we were feeling somewhat self-righteous about it. Smart Dogs, made from wheat and soy, were on the menu. I fired up the barbie and grilled them while Lynne' got out all the condiments and such. Our first clue that this might not be our favorite meal was when I got them out of the package and they felt funky. Lynne' came over, poked at them and said we should give them a chance. Well....ok. When I turned them on the grill and then got them off and put them on a plate I noticed a funny odor, but you just never know outside. But when I brought them in and we could really smell it we knew our dinner was in jeopardy! Again she said we should give them a chance - but maybe we should just fix up one so we can both taste it. Seemed reasonable so that's what we did. Ever the trooper Lynne' took the first bite, chewed, made a face and finished the bite. I decided it would be unfair for her to go it alone, so I also took a bite. After swallowing, I looked at her and we both made a face and she asked where I wanted to go and eat!!! We put it all in the garbage disposal and I even sliced up an apple to put down there to help eliminate the awful smell. (Joe loved the apple core by the way. I held it and he chewed on it like corn on the cob!) So note to self - don't try these again! And lest anybody worry, our dinner was fabulous after that - chinese buffet! LOL!

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Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Ewww, that just didn't sound good right from the get Glad your dinner turned out better in the end!