Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday’s Fave Five #83

I feel kind of like a kid bouncing up and down in my chair – it’s Friday’s Fave Five time!  Roll your eyes if you will, but doing this post each week is such a positive affirmation.  Susanne at Living To Tell The Story has links to all the blogs with these posts.

1. Springtime in Dallas – I have so thoroughly enjoyed our weather this last week.  The birds singing, the perfect temperature, the gentle breeze – it really doesn’t get any better than this.  We have spent much time sitting in the backyard and just enjoying listening to God whisper to us with the wind.

2. Baby Shower – Baby showers in the spring – almost cliché!  Last Saturday after our garage sale fun we went to my cousin’s house for a baby shower for a different cousin’s daughter’s baby.  It’s good to see everybody and of course little Miss B was somewhat the belle of the ball.  She is so good and that’s no small feat for an almost 3 year old at a baby shower – you know it had to be boring for her. And the lunch that was served was so not for her age, though she filled up on blueberries from the fruit salad.  :)

3. Fiber Fest – After the shower Lynne’ and I went to Fiber Fest in Dallas.  This is either the 3rd or 4th year of it and I have to confess this was my first time to go.  It was a blast!  Several of my friends have key administration roles, so of course I got to see them, and I was thrilled to be able to see several other friends there too.  And oh the fiber!  Truly a feast for the eyes to go to the vendor booths.  Really a feast for the fingers too as touching alpaca, silk and cashmere yarns (among many others) is amazing. Next year I am really hoping to be able to take some of the classes, too.

4. Food – Nothing like just laying it out there, eh? Springtime brings lighter foods and also the start of the spring/summer produce.  We’ve already begun talking about a family field trip to a local blueberry farm to pick our own, which will be great to freeze and enjoy through next winter. And at the shower we had chicken salad and pasta salad, two great light foods.

5. Facebook – I *really* didn’t want to use this one again this week, but it kept coming up in my life!  At the shower there were a couple of cousins and daughters of cousins that I rarely see.  In fact, we laughed that we only get together for showers and Christmas.  But with Facebook the entire dynamic has changed at the family gathering.  Because we’re able to see what’s happening in everybody’s daily lives it doesn’t seem so stilted when we do get together.  A true blessing indeed.


Michelle V said...

I agree on Facebook! I am far away from the rest of my family but we are able to stay in touch with each other through Facebook. It's awesome!

Michelle V

Unknown said...

Oooo....I could agree with all those ! LOL
I love facebook . I check it before e-mail these days . I get text updates from a few certain people and I can update on the go ...even tho' I don't use internet on my phone !
I love salads and grilled food , yum !
Thanks for sharing ! Have a wonderful weekend !

TXDidi said...

Oh, my....I am in "fiber envy" over your adventures this week. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. Save some of that great Texas weather for me. I'm heading down to Houston in a few weeks. My hubby refuses to go up on Facebook but he is ALWAYS coming over to my computer to see pictures that family members or friends post up there. Wonder how long it will take before he caves in and signs up? Ha!

Jerralea said...

Oh you have reminded me of my own blueberry farm dreams. For two years I said I was going to go pick blueberries for the freezer and never made it. I hope this year is the one where I finally do it.

I love spring like foods too and am excited about the upcoming grilling season!

Karyn said...

LOL....As I was reading your post, I was eating a bran muffin. When I came to the item about the 'Fibre Fest' I immediately thought you were talking about FOOD fibre! Silly me.

Although I have been becoming disillusioned with facebook lately, I have to agree with you about how it kind of 'fills in the blanks' with people we see only at weddings and funerals.

I'm glad you are having such a lovely spring to enjoy. I liked your sentence about listening to God whisper to you with the wind. Such a beautiful word picture.

If it is true that God is speaking with the wind, He's been shouting to us here in AB the last couple weeks. LOL

Have a great week, Elizabeth!

Angela said...

Have to be honest- I am not that crafty and when reading about fiber fest, I was waiting to read what was there...beans? fruit? pure fiber? I was thinking fiber for the diet and not for the crafty hands...gave me a good laugh at myself! glad you had a good week.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

God does indeed whisper to us in the wind.

And I share your enthusiasm about FFF -- really makes me see my blessings.

A family trip to a blueberry farm sounds like the BEST! Happy weekend.

Brenda said...

Facebook is always a favorite. I have been enjoying it more and more.

And Spring food! I've been eating tons of strawberries!

Susanne said...

A place to pick your own blueberries. How fun!

I love baby showers. It's so much fun blessing new moms.

Willow said...

All great faves this week. I love facebook too. And Fiberfest? Oh my! I can just imagine! Llama, alpaca, wool, silk! I'll be picking more blueberries next week too.

Have a great weekend.

redeemed diva said...

I can't agree with you on Facebook (blah!) but I love food and the fiber fest sounds so intriguing!
Glad you had a good time and that you got to connect in person with family