Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Garage Sales With My Girls

I’ve heard it said that a bad day at garage sales beats a good day at work.  Fortunately we had a great day at garage sales!  Bright and early Saturday morning we set out, our expectations and spirits high. 


Here’s Miss B ready to get in the truck and head out for bargains.  I love how adorable her mama always dresses her!  Right now she’s holding my GPS in her right hand (grandmas always seem to need help carrying things!) and a small apple juice bottle for a quick drink before we hit the road.

These juice bottles are so cute!  They come with a character shaped sippy top and I think I have 4 now that she gets to choose from.  While they do cost a little more than regular apple juice, my theory is that this is one of the benefits of being a grandma – I can buy the silly apple juice.


This is my highlight purchase – a brand new Brighton bag, still in the box, still has the paper stuffing inside….and still had the $165 price tag….but I paid $25!!!!  I am beyond thrilled with this purchase as I do love all things Brighton – even if I do usually buy the knockoffs since I’m so cheap.  But this – it even smelled good!  LOL!

So glad that the Garage Sale season has kicked off and always so glad to spend time with my 3 girls.

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