Sunday, March 01, 2009

Life Lessons Learned With Sick

It is exceedingly rare for the two of us to be sick at the same time - usually there is a care-ee and a care-er. But this past week we were both sick at the same time and of course we learned a few life lessons along the way that I've decided to share:
  • Amazing how fast a box of tissues can be used up. And amazing still that with both of us down there is no magic fairy that comes in and empties all of our trash bags (I've spared you the photo of trash bags filled with are welcome.)
  • Even though right now we have access to every movie channel known to our tv provider (free for 30 days!) we still had a hard time finding something to watch on tv.
  • It starts to seem very tomb-like in the house when you do absolutely nothing for that many days. I was so blessed to be able to open some windows today and let God's sweet breath of a breeze blow through the house and hopefully clear out some germs. Of course, our fingertips and toes turned blue because it was only mid-40's with a north wind, but it sure felt good!
  • There is nothing at all attractive about a woman how goes to bed in a cotton nightgown, wakes up cold so pulls on a pair of pj pants, then wakes up cold again and reaches for a long sleeve pj shirt on top - and none of the 3 went together. All I could do was laugh when I saw myself in the mirror this morning.
  • It is true love when we were down to the last Emergen-C and he brought it to me - thank you baby!
  • When you have an over-priced, but very awful hair dye job, then get sick - your pale face does not make the hair look any better at all. :(
  • We do not eat healthy when we are ill. And surprisingly, I've lost right at 5 pounds this week. Nothing has flavor at all, so hardly eating a thing. I really would not recommend this as a weight-loss plan though.
  • When you start to feel better and see the light at the end of the tunnel...don't overdo by emptying all the trash, running the vacuum all over the house and starting to wipe down everything. It became naptime real quick!
  • And finally, I always thought those Lysol bottles went a long ways, but once I got on a germ killing spree today it didn't stand a chance. Might be a good thing that neither of us can smell anything right now because that much Lysol might've been the end of us both!

Thank you to everybody for your well wishes. I'm not 100% yet by any means, but at least I can sit up again and be fairly coherent. Baby steps!!! :)


Debby said...

I'm thankful you're on the mend. You were missed. I hope you're able to reschedule with Brooklyn soon. My husband and I have only been sick together once. It does show true love doesn't it? Unfortunately at the time our little ones were just that...little. So we juggled caring for them and each other! Good memories in a funny way.
And I had to laugh about the Pj's...sounds familiar!

Wool Winder said...

I'm glad you're better. Hope you're 100% very soon.

Renna said...

Oh, ugh. Bless your hearts!

By the way, I have a very similar sense of fashion (or lack thereof) when I am ill. Between the way I dress and the way my hair sticks out in every direction, I'm a real nightmare to behold when I'm sick. ;-Þ

stitching under oaks said...

oh my...sounds like you two have had a time of it! Glad you're on the mend...don't rush it, take care of yourself!

Katie said...

Hope you keep on gettin' better!