Monday, March 09, 2009

Brooklyn Runs!

Saturday we all went to lunch to celebrate James' birthday. When we got back everybody wanted to stay outside and enjoy the beautiful spring day - even if it isn't officially spring yet. Brooklyn especially loves being outside and I love the joy in this video.

Try and remember back when we were young and carefree. I even remember going round and round the trees just like she does above. And then the spirit moves you and off you go, flapping your arms and running just for the fun of it. It truly brings a smile to your heart to think of those times. And I'm blessed to have this little girl to remind me of things like this.

Aren't her little pig tails cute? They started off quite a bit neater than this, but we'd been playing and such and naturally they start to come down.

Good times......


Debby said...

Nothing like children to keep you young and enjoying the simple things in life, like outside on a spring like day or blowing bubbles. She is adorable and my daughter would be jealous of her pig tails! Her daughter doesn't have enough hair...yet!

JeanieBeanie said...

MORE!! MORE!! The videos are not long enough. She is so cute!!!

valerie said...

Awwwww.....Brooklyn is simply adorable!
Thanks for sharing.

Renna said...

There's few things that bring more pleasure than watching toddlers at play. You simply can't help but smile! :-D

She's precious!