Thursday, March 12, 2009

Card Catalog

I just got back from the library tonight and it was so nice. We are blessed with a newly updated and expanded library and I was pleased to see it very busy tonight. But what really tickled me was seeing these two card catalogs used as book displays now. I wonder if I had asked some of the young people there if they would even have known what these were originally used for? Instead of asking I just grinned big and got out my camera phone to snap a picture.

(And when Keith just looked over to see what I was doing he rolled his eyes when he realized I'd taken a picture of the card catalog in the library! LOL! Really he's used to it by now.)

I will admit that my favorite books are absolutely brand new. There really is nothing finer than opening a book for the first time. I love the feel and even the smell of a brand new book. But the reality is that new books are rather a luxury item now and I am thrilled that our town has a nice library system. And judging by the number of people there tonight many people feel the same way.

Speaking of the economy, if you have some spare time go to Nester's blog and read her entry here. It's a very short entry, but then take the time to read at least some of the comments that people have left, currently numbering 194. I think it was quite an eye-opener for me to see just how many people are deeply affected by what is happening. It was really rather sobering. But above all I was struck by the amount of faith people have and how much they are trusting in God. And that is why I encourage you to read some of the comments. I think I was humbled to read these and so very moved. The news this last week has been filled with stories about how our nation is changing and moving away from religion. Judging by these comments the media is blowing things way out of proportion. Not only are people still filled with faith, but their sense of family and community is still running deep.

And that is very encouraging in these times.

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." - Matthew 6:33

Hallelu, Hallelujah!


Jess said...

As a librarian, I appreciate the online catalog and all those other tools that make our lives easier.

But those card catalog cases are certainly beautiful. I'm glad to see that many libraries can still put them to use. In the last library I worked in, they still had some items in the card catalog that were very old, so they turned that room into a beautiful reading room, and with the card catalog there it felt old fashioned (in a good way) - until you tripped over someone's laptop cord!

Karen said...

I love those old card catalogs as well. They were on their way out when I was in college. Hmmmm those would be great for storing scrapbook supplies. ;)

I read through some of the posts on Nester's blog. They do hit close to home with DH not having a job. We've been here before though so we knew what we had to do. (When Telecom bottomed out we were both a part of the downturn) Just sticking close to home and watching our pennies.

Joansie said...

I'm glad to see they kept the card catalogues. Interesting display!

I remember them from the days when the type on the cards varied because the typewriter ribbon was fading, etc. as the card was being created.

valerie said...

I love the card catalogs and I'm so glad you took the picture. Only blogging friends truly understand...others tolerate us. ha :)

I love to take pictures of everything. Sometimes I take a picture of my plate of food if I'm eating out and I get some pretty weird looks. Oh well...

I'll head over to read Nester's blog.

Have a good weekend!

The Nester said...

Thank you so much for the mention--I am still amazed and so touched by all of the stories.

That card catalog display was just genius!

Jimmie said...


The feelings you brought back. Oh my, the heart is sad, guess I miss the silliest of things. I can tell you good stories and horror stories of card catalogs. Don't get me wrong I love computers but the card catalog and I have spent so much time together. Memories of high school, college and then working as a librarian. Wow.
Jimmie Lyn