Thursday, March 26, 2009

30 x 5 Challenge & Tomato Report

So like yeah, I'm still a joiner. And this one is such a great idea - 30 minutes of any kind of movement 5 days a week for 2 weeks. That's it! I'll confess that for the most part I do that anyway. But by joining this 30 x 5 Challenge I get the nifty button and I think it's cute. :)

This morning I actually sacrificed my 30 minutes of knitting time before work to instead move a bit. I turned on Fit TV (for a minute I could've sworn I heard my tv laughing at me!) and found a body sculpting show. The show actually lasts an hour, but because of the time it's shown I could either do the full hour or do 30 minutes and get a shower in before working. My workmates thank me, even though they don't really know it. This show was great and the first 30 minutes did arms/upper back and abs, exactly the areas I most want to shrink. I did great, actually smiled during the workout and thought "piece of cake". But I will say that I'm getting sore tonight.

And actually I cheated a bit and did more than 30 minutes (is it cheating when you're doing something good?). After dinner Keith went out to mow the front yard and I went to the back and started pulling some weeds and cleaning out some of the plant beds. Unfortunately by the time I finished it was too dark to take a picture of my dirt, so I'm sorry but that photo will have to wait.

About an hour of yard work, which I'm not sure how much good that actually does. But it surely was better for me than my usual hour of surfing, stamping or stitching! And that's the end of my Day 1. :)

Since so many people actually seemed interested in my upside down tomato plant I decided to show you what it looks like after 1 week. The first couple of days the main stem started twisting up as the plant was determined not to be upside down. But now it seems to have resigned itself to its fate and is relaxing somewhat and starting to grow. We were actually going to get the next batch of plants planted this weekend, but it's going to be a wee bit nippy and I'd rather wait a bit til it warms up again.


beckyjomama said...

And the button goes so nicely with the rest of your bloggy decor!

Fit TV huh, maybe I will have to check it out...

LuAnn said...

Im here to say you go girl with 30x5.
I am right with ya!!