Friday, April 18, 2008

Not Enough Sleep and an Extra Helping of Caffeine

Put these two things together and you get one goofy girl! I have been teased quite a bit the last couple of days at work because when I'm tired and wired I get very giggly. There is no end in site for the immediate future, so coffee has become my new BFF. ;)
We picked up the truck on Wednesday from its visit to the plastic surgeon. Hard to believe with all the hail damage it had that now it looks absolutely perfect! And do you know that last night we had storms roll through the dfw area again? Keith just chuckled and wondered if our insurance rates would go up if we have two hail damage claims in a two week period. Luckily we were spared in this storm.
However, the kids spent a good little bit in their closet last night when the sirens went off in their area! We did chat about how much your perception of danger in a storm changes once you have a baby to take care of.
And while watching the storm coverage (pick a channel, any channel - they all had excited weathermen covering the storm!) we heard that the sirens were going off in the 'burb that Lynne' lives in, so I called to be sure she was safe. No answer, so I assumed they were hunkered down. Nope, got a call a few minutes later that she'd seen my call on her caller id. I asked what the sound was and she was in a car with her friend, having just left a restaurant. A big hailstorm erupted, so they stopped under a bridge on the highway....except that the nose of the car was hanging out and they were getting pelted with pea size hail!

Aye Caramba - spring in Texas is HERE!

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