Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brooklyn Spends the Night

We are such lucky grandparents - J&L wanted to go to the movies Saturday night with another couple, so they asked us to babysit. Unfortunately I had to work, so Grandpa kept Brooklyn and they had a great bonding time. When I got home from work the little angel was asleep in her pack n play.

The next morning I got out of the shower to see this scene - Grandpa feeding Brooklyn her breakfast! I want you to pay close attention to the bib that he chose, which he claims was totally random. I don't think so, but it sure is cute that he put that one on her!

This is the new highchair that we bought for her. I know I'll sound old when I say this, but I am constantly amazed when in the baby section of stores at how much has changed. This chair is perfect for a grandparent's house and will even pull up to the table without the tray when she gets a little older. You can tell by the picture that she gets distracted by the dog a LOT!

Shortly after she finished eating it was time for a bath. Of course I don't have a baby tub, so I put a hand towel in the bottom of my kitchen sink and she took a bath that way. One of our favorite family stories is when Lynne' was a baby and we were up at the lake cabin. The cabin only has a shower, no tub, so we bathed Lynne' in the kitchen sink. Mom always told Lynne' that she was going to be dishes, so of course that's what I told Miss Brooklyn. She just happily splashed around in the sink and was perfectly happy carrying on the dishes tradition of her Aunt Lynne'. :)

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Unknown said...

Keep enjoying your little one. I watched one of my little ones go to senior prom last week. She will be off to college this fall. How did that happen so fast? Our littlest one is pulling herself up and standing a short time without holding on. She is 10 1/2 months now and such a joy!