Monday, December 10, 2007

What a Weekend!

With an apology to Julie Andrews, we will not be starting at the very beginning of the weekend. ;) Instead we'll begin with yesterday.

The day started great, then Keith and I were at the store to look for some gifts and Lynne' called. Or rather, Lynne's phone called and it was her friend Andrea. "Um, we've had an incident." Thunk! There went my heart and stomach straight down to my toes. Seems they had been out shopping and went by Lynne's apartment to make spaghetti for dinner. Got out of the car and Lynne' locked her keys in the car. They went upstairs to the apartment in case the roommate had forgotten to lock the door, but no. So the two of them huddled outside the door because at least the wind was blocked on two sides and called a roommate, who said she'd be right over to unlock the door. Somehow or another Lynne' leaned against the window to their office and her hand went through the window! She bled all over the place, her friend was freaking out, called us, I told her to call 911 and Keith and I headed that way. We got there and the ambulance had already been and left and said she needed to go to the hospital. I noticed a LOT of blood outside and yeah, that was Lynne's. They said upstairs was tons worse and they all told me not to go up there. Lawsy - let me tell you that is a fearful site to see your baby daughter's blood all over the place like that! We headed to the hospital and when they unwrapped the gauze that the paramedics put on they made me leave because it looked so bad. Keith stayed with her the whole time and Andrea stayed with me. Apparently the fear was she nicked the artery because it was pumping black blood everywhere. Ended up that wasn't the case, she got a whole lot of stitches and a tetanus shot, Keith took pictures with his cell phone and it about did me in to see those pictures. Bad enough to see her arm all sewn up. WHEW!

I tell you what, these kids of ours are never too old to set our hearts into a tailspin! I'm just thankful that God has his angels around her.
Back to Saturday. :) All six of us got together and headed out to get a geocache. Grandma got the best end of the deal because I pushed the stroller and talked and sang to Brooklyn. She was wearing the silly hat that I knit for her and that made me smile. I love this picture because she fell asleep while talking to and holding her toy.

And let me also mention that this geocache was a huge celebration for us. It was attempt number oh probably five or so. We arrived with the determination that TODAY WAS THE DAY! We were ready to stay as long as necessary and repeated several times "Never give up, never surrender" when suddenly a shout rang out! Could it be? Was it finally found?

YES! YES! YES! We did it!!! Keith had a grin a mile wide! The mighty beast by the name of Breakwater had been slain! We were the mighty victors and it was no match for us. :) !!!!!!

After geocaching all six of us bundled in the car and off we went to the mall for some quality shopping, Santa visiting and eating. The Santa line was very long so we decided to eat first and then try again.

Brooklyn is at such a cute age. She no longer wants to lean back and cuddle - she'd much rather sit forward and look around. It's so fun to watch her big eyes try and take everything in.

After having a bottle, Loni was burping her and I took this picture. I just think the back of her little head is so adorable. :)

This picture was taken at the end of our evening, right before we went out to the car to come home. Poor baby girl - a classic "shop til you drop" photo! :)
Oh and while we were shopping all the girls stood and watched the demo for the knives - you know the ones "slices and dices". The young man that was doing the demonstration kept saying that Brooklyn was a little flirt. She was grinning and talking to him the whole time.

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She is adorable!!!
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