Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Most Amazing Day

Today will easily rate as one of the best days I have ever had. Keith and I went and got Brooklyn and spent the day with her.

We started off going to the mall to see Santa. She was so darling and the picture they took shows Brooklyn holding on to Santa's finger.

She's at such an inquisitive age right now and loves to sit up and look around at everything. We enjoyed so much our time at the mall. After seeing Santa she was hungry, so we headed to the food court to give her a bottle. One of my favorite mannerisms of hers right now is her left hand when she has a bottle. She kind of strokes her forehead back and forth with her chubby little hand and it is so cute to see.

We left that mall and headed to another. She was still in fine form, kicking her legs, waving her arms and blowing bubbles all through the mall. We had more people stop us and comment on our lovely baby today and I honestly think it was mostly due to her smiles and laughter. Many times we'd be walking along and Brooklyn would hold on to her Grandpa's finger while he walked along beside us. I love how the picture shows her blue eyes looking at her Grandpa with so much trust.

We stopped at one point to get coffee at the famous coffee place and Keith and Brooklyn played "pull up" games. She'd hold his fingers and pull herself up to a sitting position, then look surprised and just laugh. Truly one of those priceless moments.

And one of the most amazing things about babies is how fast they can go from full tilt laughing and playing to sound asleep. We were still walking in the mall and noticed how quiet she'd gotten. Sure enough, in those few seconds she'd fallen fast asleep.

Asleep enough even that she didn't wake up when we put her in the carseat and then she slept all the way home. Absolutely a "shop til you drop" moment in her little life!

I will forever be grateful for this perfect day. :)


Loni said...

On a further note. Elizabeth was still beaming from the day when I went to pick Brooklyn up. There is not hiding how much love Elizabeth and Keith have for Brooklyn. She is lucky to have such wonderful grandparents. I bet all our future conflicks will end in "fine, i'll just go to grandmas"

Loni said...

oh wow... maybe i should have hit spellcheck!