Saturday, December 01, 2007

More Fun Than A Person Should Be Allowed To Have

Today Keith and I participated in our first Motorcycle Toy Run and it was one of the most fun and amazing things I think I have ever done. All the riders met at a local Harley dealership, signed the registration form (the one that said the dealership was not responsible for any accidents that might happen - LOL!), handed over a new unwrapped toy for each rider, ate a catered breakfast, and waited for 12:00. As newbies Keith and I didn't realize that a lot of the people decorated their bikes for Christmas. Guess who already has some ideas in her head for next time??? :)

The milling around beforehand with so many riders was unreal. I can't wait to find out how many riders participated - I know it had to be hundreds.

One of the highlights was when Santa and his 9 reindeer (yes, Rudolph was there) arrived at the dealership. They were so much fun and had everybody laughing.

As departure time neared, the reindeer and Santa took position at the front of the line - right behind the motorcycle cops. All the riders prepared. When the signal came to start the bikes it was one of the coolest sounds ever (rates right up there with being at the Nascar race)!!! I tell you the ground was rumbling with the sound of all the engines.

It was phenomenal! Interstate 35 was BLOCKED OFF people! Traffic was stopped everywhere - for our group! We headed down the highway and saw stopped cars everywhere. People waved and since I had designated myself as The Waver for Team Herman (honey, keep your hands tightly on the handlebars!) I was waving right back.

The entire route, once we were off the highway, was lined with people smiling and waving, kids jumping up and down, and everybody enjoying the spirit of Christmas. Amazing I tell you.

Once we got home we jumped on the computer to find out how many more Toy Runs there are in the area. Yes, we did find some! And yes, I have a trip to Walmart planned to get more toys to donate. It was that fun.


Anonymous said...

This was awesome, I drove by the Harley dealership yesterday and saw all the bikes and knew that's what was happening. Last year Danielle and I were heading to Lewisville when they started to come by, we pulled into the chili's restaurant so we could watch, it gave me goose bumps to see so many bikers caring for the kids who don't have anything. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing it!!! Harley/motorcycle riders are so awesome and caring. I could just imagine that wonderful noise when everyone started up - how cool!!!!


Anonymous said...

This was my husband and daughter's second year. And my in-laws were at the Kohls parking lot to watch and said it took 35 minutes for all the motorcycles to pass! This was a great turnout this year.