Wednesday, December 12, 2007

5 Random Things....and Brooklyn!

I have been tagged by Jeanie to list 5 random things about me. It's been fun running around different friends' blogs reading their answers, so hopefully mine will be just as much fun!

1. I have not read any of the Harry Potter books or seen any of the movies. This makes me a member of a very small group of people!

2. Speaking of books, I used to love to read Stephen King books. But then, I kid you not, while reading one of his books one day I literally heard a voice telling me to stop reading those books. Not one to question the voices in my head, I did and haven't read any since. I'm not saying it's bad for anyone else to read them, but when I've been told to stop I'm not going to argue! It reminds me of the verses in the Bible (and I'll have to look it up and post later) that talks about how if a person isn't supposed to eat something and you make them eat it then it's wrong for you. That's how I feel about this - reading his books are wrong for me.

3. Speaking of Stephen King - my family read his book The Cell and they all tease me and tell me I'm doomed. The premise of the book is something along the lines of a pulse going through the cell phone system and everybody that's on the phone at that time turns in to zombies or something like that. And since talking on the phone is my absolute favorite hobby....yeah, I'm doomed.

4. Speaking of cell phones, I use the standard "off the rack" ringtone on my phone always. The only exception to that is at Christmas time when I change my ringtone to the BC Clark jingle. Those familiar with Oklahoma City are probably singing the song in their head right now, but for the rest - BC Clark is a jewelry store in OKC and you always know it's the Christmas season when you see their anniversary sale commercials come on tv. In fact, this year at Thanksgiving at the in-law's house we saw (and heard!) the commercial come on and there was much rejoicing. :)

5. Speaking of sounds, when I am by myself I prefer total silence. At home, in the car, whatever. I don't have the tv on, I don't listen to the radio, etc. I just love the Sounds of Silence.


And since no entry is complete without either a picture of or a story of Brooklyn, here she is! She's wearing the silly hat I made for her and she's only minutes away from being sound asleep.

Love those kissable cheeks!

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