Friday, December 14, 2007

A Little Christmas Cheer

Keith started wrapping gifts last night and Joe was right there to supervise!

I don't do much of the gift wrapping at our house. The gifts that I have wrapped in the past were many times met with the raising of the eyebrows of both the husband and the daughter, both of which manage to create stunning gifts. So it really didn't upset me a lot to pass that particular item on to them and let their creations bless others with their beauty. Really...they are that nice.


I just got a tin of the most wonderful candy ever! They are called Caramel Candy (she thoughtfully gave us the recipe with the chocolates), but I think they taste just like turtles. A very gracious gift given by a workmate and the presentation was beautiful. She did tell me that I should take them home and give them to Keith since they were not WW friendly. And even though weigh in is today, I ate half of one.

You know, just to test them out. I had to do it for her.

Always doing my part to spread good cheer.....

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Anonymous said...

I miss my Joe man. Wahhh! Cute pic! You are going to have such a great Christmas with Brooklyn!