Friday, December 28, 2007

In Which I Ramble...

I love this photo because of the serenity it portrays. After all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season the serenity really speaks to me.

Amidst all of our family celebrating we did enjoy two church services - at two different churches. Sunday morning we went to early service with my mother and were very blessed by a thought provoking sermon. The minister is a big movie fan and finds ways to bring movie references to his sermons. He preached on Joseph and about what a small part he actually has in the Bible and yet, what a huge responsibility he had in raising the son of God. He likened Joseph to some man in the movie Chicago and then sang a bit of the song Cellophane Man. Really good and any time a sermon stays on your mind almost a week later it is a good thing.

There were not a lot of people at the service because OKC was hit by more ice the night before. Luckily Keith is a very good driver and the only trouble we ran into was going up the little hill to mom's church. Ended up getting a run on it and made it just fine.

Christmas Eve we attended the Candlelight Service with Keith's family and of course I always love that since it is also the church we attended when we lived up there. I am bad though because I spend way too much time looking at the congregation and marvelling over how much the children have grown up since we lived there. The acolyte at this service was just a baby when we lived there! His mom and I were in sorority together and had the best time. Even though you know their children are growing it's just interesting to actually see them.


Probably the highlight of my upcoming weekend is to go shopping for a 2008 calendar. Yes, I am one of those people that loves a fresh, clean calendar! I haven't decided yet what kind I want to get and that will be part of the fun. The 2007 calendar on my desk at work is one of the page a day kind that is from Stuff On My Cat. Lynne' got this calendar for me for Christmas last year and I have thoroughly enjoyed the pictures each day. The 2007 calendar on my desk at home is one of the Autumn Leaves Design With Idea Calendars that friends got me for my birthday. That has been nice too and definitely a source of inspiration. Maybe a calendar with quotes this year???


And back to the serenity (serenity now???) - I have absolutely no plans for the entire weekend! A strange feeling as usually many of us get together on Friday night to go scrapbooking. But many are still celebrating the holidays and it's not happening tonight. Not sure what I'll do with myself, but maybe it will actually be a good thing.

Plenty of projects to get organized and plenty of projects that I've started and haven't finished. There's a certain knitting project that needs to be finished soon, so maybe some quality sit and knit and listen to podcast time.

Speaking of podcasts - I just discovered that Dave Ramsey of Financial Peace University fame has a podcast! I downloaded several of them and listened to one on the way home from work yesterday. If you've not heard of him I urge you to click the link and go read a bit. He's a Christian man with the best financial advice ever. So having the podcast to listen to and reinforce all that we've learned is a very good thing.

By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work. - Genesis 2:2


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful and safe Christmas.

Yep, we love Dave Ramsey, too! If you're on Ravelry, there's a group just for folks working Dave's Debt Free program. It's called *Gonna Be Debt Free*. It has over 100 members so far with folks in all stages of his program.

Have a very wonderful New Year!

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Duh, what was I thinking....I know you're on Ravelry!!!

Since I'm past 50, my memory sure is a lot slower these days.