Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sewing and Hobbies

Last night I finally had some time to slow down and just enjoy. I'm working on a "secret project" that I'll be able to post about soon, but I will say that it involves sewing. I haven't had my sewing machine out for quite some time and am enjoying it immensely. The quiet hum of the motor and the rhythmic motion of the needle are very calming. I think I've really missed this.
It also made me think about how I flit from hobby to hobby. The picture of the thread shows I'm still playing with all the settings on my new camera - and enjoying it as well. There are so many things that I really love to do and at least I rarely get bored! My list includes - in no particular order - sewing, photography, knitting, scrapbooking, cross stitching, reading, walking, crocheting - and who knows what the future will find me doing. :)
Speaking of knitting, I got a call last night from the lady that I met in the tornado shelter Friday night. She invited me to their Knit n Nosh, so I'll be going next week for the first time. Isn't it funny how such a good thing can come out of a scary situation?
~ Elizabeth
We who had sweet fellowship together walked in the house of God in the throng. -
Psalm 55:14


Anonymous said...

wondering minds are wondering what you are up too now.

I love the name knit n nosh. Sounds fun!!!

Julie in Texas said...

I agree with beanie, knit n nosh sounds so much better than stitch and b***!

It is nice to know that I am not the only one with crafty ADD. I like to do so many things and have a hard time choosing what project needs my attention.

How is your DIL?