Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Ahhh...fabric in such beautiful colors. A colorful reminder of spring, even if there were snow flurries in the Dallas area this morning! I had to squint very hard to see the teeny little flakes, but Loni had snowflakes big enough that she took Xena outside and let her chase them! No ground cover or anything, but a last breath of winter.

I prewashed all the fabric last night and this morning ironed it. This is destined to be a gift, so I won't be able to post a picture until it has been gifted. But I couldn't resist sharing the beautiful colors.

Today Keith had to work, so I gifted myself a little over an hour spent wandering a nearby antique mall. I haven't done that since I last went with a friend before Christmas. Antiquing can be one of the most relaxing things in the worlds and that hour passed far too quickly. But I enjoyed every moment of it.

Our 27th wedding anniversary is tomorrow and since the day will be spent worshiping and celebrating Easter we went tonight for dinner and a movie. We saw Wild Hogs and it reminded me, in the less silly times, so much of the life Keith and I have now that we are getting older. Watching Tim Allen and his family altering his meals due to his LDL, when Keith and I are changing our eating habits for the same reason. Hearing him called a middle-aged man as we face the same period in our life. And watching these men hit the road on their motorcycles reminds me of times when Keith and his friends go on their rides.

~ Elizabeth

True love isn't something that just happens. True love is a delicate flower that flourishes and blooms only when tended. - Unknown


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Happy Anniversary! : )Congrats!

We had our 27th last November. I hope we can all meet sometime.

BTW, we had your crockpot chicken pot pie recipe tonight for dinner and it was great! Thanks!

Blessings to you this Easter.

Liz G. said...

Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary, my friend!!