Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Knit Night and Spinning

Last night was Knit Night at Starbucks and as usual it was a really nice evening. Knitting-wise I got very little done, but that wasn't due to lack of trying! I went into the evening ready to start the heel flap on my sock. After knitting merrily along a bit I looked down and saw that I had started with the wrong row, so my heel flap was inside out. :( I frogged it, then started knitting again. I did manage to get about an inch of it done, but it could've been oh so much more had I been paying attention. Sigh.

The highlight was Jennifer demonstrating the drop spindle. She started out with silk hankies, which was something I had never heard of before. We passed those around and I seriously just wanted to hold on to this thing forever - oh so soft! She spun that for a bit, then was handed some roving (as pictured) and showed how to start spinning that. It really was interesting to watch and I am going to try really, really hard to not join in!!! I was explaining it all to Keith when I got home and he didn't help my reserve at all when he mentioned that really spinning would just go right along with the knitting. Sigh.


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

You will enjoy it so much, so I don't really recommend resisting. : )

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I'm not a knitter, Elizabeth, but I'm enjoying your posts. Thanks for stopping by and commenting again, because I've been looking all over the place for the crock-pot blog! Yay!

Julie in Texas said...

What a sweet man to encourage you in your pursuits!

I so enjoy knit night! We have a great group of ladies.