Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Irish Cream Bundt Cake

Yesterday while perusing my favorite blogs I found a cake description so compelling that I was driven to stop by the grocery store and liquor store on the way home from work. The Dine and Dish Blog has been one of my favorites for quite some time and her paragraph on the wonders of the Irish Cream Bundt Cake had me putting on my sheep ears and following the herd. I am now a Bundt Cake Trendsetter and am proud to have my voice heard!

And the amazing thing about all this fun is that this cake truly is worthy of the praise. The recipe can be found at Recipezaar and is destined to become a signature cake for me. I read through the 23 comments on this cake and decided to try the glaze a little differently than the recipe calls for and followed one of the comments. We're not overly fond of cakes that have holes poked and glazed poured over the top as too often they can become soggy. I made the glaze and let it cool a bit before pouring over the cake and it was perfect.

I will admit that Irish Cream isn't something that I've ever purchased before, but I did know of Bailey's and headed for that. When I saw the price of the real thing vs. the cheaper substitute at half the price, well I'm sure you can guess I was a cheapskate. It was still wonderful. :)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you gave it a try. Isn't it delicious? It is so incredibly easy to make too, yet still very impressive. Your photo makes me want to make it again!

I'm so glad you posted a comment on my blog because now I have been to yours. I look forward to looking around and visiting often.

Sugar Britches Knits! said...

Elizabeth thanks for sharing this recipe! OOOH it sounds so good! I love Irish Cream! I'm going to have to try this out!!

Anonymous said...

I am guessing yours does not have pecans in it. (wink,wink) It looks delightful. My salava glands are working overtime right now thinking about that Irish Creme sauce. Makes me want a StarBucks!!! LOL!!!!