Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Baby Raccoons

Yesterday at lunch Lynne' called me at work to tell me there was a demon in our wall - seriously. I'm not real sure how I should've responded to that, but we both laughed. I told her I knew it was there and we'd wait for this evening.

Turns out we had a baby raccoon in our wall! We kept hearing it chatter and move around and Lynne' was the one that came up with the raccoon diagnosis. We Google'd it and found a website with baby raccoon sounds and sure enough, that was the sound. I called Animal Control and the officer came out and went in the laundry room with all his gear and Keith. They said they would trap it, but they cannot cut your walls open (go figure). Keith stood there and tore a big hole in our wall, then stood in the dining room with Lynne' and I while the man wrestled an elephant, at least by the sounds of it. He brought his little cat carrier out of the room victoriously and the cutest little baby raccoon was spitting and chattering in there. I took pictures, but don't have them out of the camera yet.We had a Disney moment before he left when he told us how they would make sure it was ok and then they would set it free somewhere that raccoons roam.

They are coming back out tonight to set traps in the attic in case the mama is up there. We were cautioned about DO NOT GO IN THE ATTIC! Hey...not a problem dude! LOL!


Anonymous said...

How cute. That would make a neat pet.

Anonymous said...

Love the Disney moment! Hope they find out that he was the only little guy there.

Sarah and Jack said...

LOL about the attic. We had a squirrel in the house recently. It was horrible. And around here Animal Control will not come out for that, you either have to deal with it or pay an exterminator!