Monday, October 11, 2010

This Weekend I…

This Weekend I

…went to the lake with  my Beloved and R E L A X E D!!!  There is something so wonderfully peaceful about having coffee together outside and enjoying the fall colors and breeze.

…did some baby blanket knitting in the car on the way home.  Keith had the Rangers baseball game on the radio (sadly – we lost) and it was interesting to me as we never watch or listen to baseball.  But you know what?  The sound of the announcers’ voices lent a very nostalgic feel to the air and it was good.

…talked on the phone with my aunt for an hour and a half last night!  I always feel renewed and ready to face anything after we chat and laugh.

…went to dinner and Stamp Club with my daughter-in-law Friday night!  Oh what a great time we had together.  :)

…got to love and kiss on Brooklyn for a few precious minutes.  Friday night when we were finished with stamp club we met James and Brooklyn halfway so that Loni could go home.  Brooklyn was *this close* to falling asleep in her car seat, but she did wake up enough to put her little toddler arms around my neck and give me a kiss.  I love her so much!

…was able to visit my absolute favorite quilt shop!  The ladies there are delightful and I always leave the shop with a smile on my face.


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Mrs. M said...

What a great weekend! And you are so right about the baseball games on the radio. It reminds me of my childhood when I hear them too. My Grandma used to sit and listen to the Cardinal games on her radio which she did the cross word puzzle.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Sounds like just about a perfect weekend!

Baseball really IS better on the radio (even though we always watch on the TV). I grew up listening to Jack Buck and Harry Caray broadcast the Cardinals' game on the radio; I doubt I would be the baseball fan I am today if it weren't for their radio broadcasts.

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE little toddler hugs! That's my very favorite age!

Did you buy something at the quilt shop? I love to visit the quilt shop ... the fabrics are all so beautiful that it's so hard not to come home with dozens of different fabrics.

I'm SO glad that I found your blog -- I'm not a follower. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The next time we are down take me to some of your favorite things. I would love to see some of the hobby places you go to. You never know, I may become inspired.