Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She’s 25 Today!

Lynne' and Alicia copy

Today my daughter turns 25!  The photo above was taken Sunday after church when Lynne’ (on the right) arrived at our house with her roommate Alicia (left) before going out to lunch with the family.


005 copy

Our family tradition for as long as I can remember is that the birthday person gets to choose where we go out to eat.  And while everybody was still living at home the birthday person got to choose what meal mom cooked for their “birthday eve” dinner the night before their birthday.  Lynne’ has long been a fan of Olive Garden and used to choose it every year.  This year she said she wanted it again as it is “an oldie but a goodie.”


Brooklyn and Scooby Doo copy

Of course the Little Toot was in fine form to be with everybody.  She’s got the cheesy grin down pat I do believe.


010 copy

After lunch we came back to the house where Loni had made a pumpkin roll for Lynne’s birthday.  The guys went out to do something on one of the trucks and all the girls sat around the kitchen table talking and laughing.  Truly there are few things I enjoy more than sitting around the table with those I love.


Pumpkin Angel

And then……    Lynne’ noticed an angel in her slice of pumpkin roll!  Do you see it?  Loni tried and tried to get Lynne’ to stop eating it so we could put it on eBay and make our fortune.  ;)


Pumpkin Cat

It then turned into a game of I Spy with the pumpkin roll.  This slice has a cat with a tail that loops around.  Why is it that I feel like this will also become a family tradition?  :)

We had a wonderful time together and I love the woman my daughter has become.  What a great excuse for a celebration!


Just Call Me Grammy said...

Aww...my sweet girl turns 28 tomorrow and is coming home for a visit this weekend :o) I LOVE the cheesy grin, how cute! And the pumpkin roll--I haven't made one of those in years, but may have to now.

Mags @ the Other Side of 50 said...

My baby girl turned 21 a few months ago. Don't they grow up way too fast?

I'd like to place an opening bid of $100 dollars for that slice of pumpkin roll with the angel...LOL