Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Candy Bracelet


When I knew that we would be meeting the kids at the pumpkin patch I decided to get my Grandma-ness in gear.  You already saw the cookies, but I also had seen the Pumpkin Candy Bracelet Tutorial and since it was so darling I decided that Brooklyn needed one too.

Pumpkin Candy Bracelet

This was seriously easy to make and took probably 10 minutes!  I used 9 candy pumpkins on this bracelet just as the tutorial did.



Brooklyn's Bracelet

It fit and looked darling on her!  I really think she liked it.



You can ever so barely see it on her wrist through the window.  This pumpkin patch had a really cute little house made of hay and Brooklyn had fun playing in it with her Daddy and Grandpa.


Brooklyn in the House

She fiddled with it a lot.  And I think it looked so cute on her!



Everything is so much fun when you are 3 and have your parents and grandparents with you to be certain you’re having a grand time!


Brooklyn Riding a Tractor

And you can look girly with your pumpkin bracelet even when riding a tractor!



When we finished enjoying the pumpkin patch we left to go have dinner at a nearby restaurant.  Brooklyn got in her car seat with mom and dad and we got in our truck and met them there.

Loni got out of their truck and walked toward me saying “Grandma!” with her hands cupped.  Uh oh….  In her hands she had all the candy pumpkins and little ribbon ties!  She said Brooklyn was so upset when it fell apart. 

I’m assuming it came undone at the knot and that my 4 or 5 knots in the dental floss were not enough.  So my caution to anybody else planning to make this bracelet is – be certain to tie it very tight!

We reassured Brooklyn that Grandma would either fix it or make her another one.  I’m not sure if she was dismayed that it broke or disappointed that she no longer had the bracelet.  Either way… it was a grandma fail moment.  Fortunately I had a bag of Soft Sugar Cookies to hand to her at that moment and redeem myself somewhat!  :)


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Kathy ... aka Nana said...

How sweet ... I love that bracelet! 3 is my favorite age!

Pamela Scott said...

that is too cute!!!