Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Plastic Bag Storage

Seriously – what are the odds that I would find two seemingly innocent but oh so life-changing things so close together?!?!  Either my internet time is becoming quite productive….or I need to get out more – LOL!

When it comes to the plastic shopping bags my cup definitely overfloweth.  We’ve switched to mostly using the earth friendly reusable bags, but sometimes I forget them.  And why is it that when the clerk asks if I brought bags I feel so guilty???

Anyway, I really do use the plastic bags though, mostly because we have an indoor cat.  Nuff said.  But there really isn’t a good way to store them….until now.


I used to wad up the bags and shove them in a storage thing we got at IKEA.  But now I have learned how to fold them flag style and look at how small that triangle is!  I think the next time we sit down to watch tv I’m going to bring along all the bags and get them folded.  Then I just need to find an awesome bucket or jar at the thrift store  to put them in.

Cool, eh?    :)

(oh and see the fabric and rotary cutter in the corner?  I really am doing some sewing…..)


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Lovin Hello Kitty said...

Ok I think you need to get out more! that's so funny but I love it.

Anonymous said...

Never knew a plastic bag could fold so small and so neatly. I have my own stash of plastic bags. Maybe I can rent a movie tonight because I NEED to fold bags. Sounds like a good excuse to me. Thanks for sharing your new idea. :)