Thursday, September 09, 2010

Mentorship Class and Tornadoes

Last night was the first night of our much anticipated Mentorship 101 class at church.  It’s being led by our Pastor and Keith and I are both taking it. 

Pastor started us off by sharing how many years ago he was led to start teaching people to be mentors and gave a great personal story.  He then asked us all to introduce ourselves and share why we were there.

It struck me again as I listened to the many, varied stories how everybody is living lives that we just don’t know.  I’ve always tried hard to remember the saying “don’t criticize until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes” because it is so true.  Everybody is going through something and it was just amazing to hear why each person felt it was so important to be there. 

We did our introductions and Pastor did a brief overview and even with that short agenda we ran late.  I am so looking forward to the weeks to come.

And I’ll tell you, it was looking for a bit like we wouldn’t be able to go to class after all.  We were at home glued to the TV watching live  reports of tornadoes forming all over the DFW area.  Modern technology is a site to behold and all day long we heard about flooding from the remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine, then the tornadoes started.  I think I heard this morning that we had 8 tornadoes touch down across the area last evening and we hesitated to leave for church as there was one fairly close to our church.  In the end we went and of course had no problem.

I did find a brief clip on YouTube if you are into weather phenomenon like what I am.  I can’t really explain why I love this stuff, but I do.  :)

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Alex Marestaing said...

Yeah, we so often are wrapped up in our own lives that we don't really know what's going on in the lives of others around us.

Stay safe!