Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Blue Man Group

Last night was truly unique for us – we went to see The Blue Man Group live!  The coolest part of the whole deal was that I won tickets to the show from one of our local media outlets!  We were very surprised when we picked up the tickets to discover that the price would have been $90 a seat.  Unreal.

We started the evening with dinner out naturally, then headed to … get this! … the opera house for the show!  Truly a beautiful venue both inside and out.

While I was talking to mom about where we were headed  I discovered that she didn’t know who The Blue Man Group was, so I decided to add a video about them.  It was a very high energy show and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

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Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Glad you had a wonderful evening. How exciting to win such great tickets! I'm out of the loop, I guess, because I have never heard of these guys! Love & blessings from NC!