Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

Time now for Friday's Fave Five, brought to you by Susanne at Living To Tell The Story. 

1. Retreat with friends.  Last weekend I headed out for 3 days/nights of scrapbooking with friends. I love going on retreats for a multitude of reasons - a beautiful time to renew, rebuild and refresh friendships.  We sat at our tables and worked on projects and one of the best parts was when we would hear "Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner is ready!".  It's great to be somewhere and not have to worry at all about fixing something to eat.  I was teased towards the end about being a social butterfly because I love to flit from table to table and talk to everybody.   

2. New glasses.  I had gotten a new prescription and ordered my glasses, so was very pleased that they were ready when I got back in town from retreat.  Keith and I went on Monday to pick them up and lo and behold - there is a bit of bling on each side that is....a butterfly!  I had completely forgotten about that part and it made me smile to see it after hearing that at retreat.  I can see so clearly now and always enjoy right after getting new glasses.

3. Vacation.  Keith and I are using up some vacation time (we're at the 'use it or lose stage') so have this week off work. In addition to the trail riding, we also put down a new floor in the kitchen and dining room.  I guess really I shouldn't say we as it was entirely "he" that did it.  He's putting the last touch on it right now and I love it.  We even celebrated earlier this morning by going and buying a new broom.  ;)

4. Thanksgiving.  We're hosting the family meal this year and I'm tickled pink. I pulled up the menu that we used last year as a base for this year.  There are some additions and deletions, but it sure makes it easier to have that list in front of me to work off of.

5. BSF.  I'm finally really hitting my groove on this Bible study and look forward to it all the time.  Monday night I will admit that I wasn't really feeling like going (still tired from retreat!), but went anyway and ended up getting my socks blessed off! I've never been in a study quite like this one where I've really had to work at some of the answers.  I will admit that sometimes I get frustrated at having to work some of the answers out in my head, but I will also admit that I've learned more in these first few months than I ever would've imagined.  God is very good to have led me here. 


Lisa notes... said...

How fun that you got to scrapbook with friends. I SO need to get out my stuff. Maybe over Thanksgiving break I will.
New glasses? Another thing I need to do! Your Fave Five is a reminder list for me. ha.
Your Bible study sounds wonderful. A good challenge.
Have fun hosting your family meal!

Islandsparrow said...

a retreat with friends is always a good break. Nice to get the new floors in before Thanksgiving - especially when you're hosting a crowd. Hope you have a wonderful time together.

Brenda said...

How nice that you get to host Thanksgiving. I always enjoy doing that but don't always get the opportunity. And new glasses! Thats fun!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Thanks for your sweet comments concerning my meeting with Valerie. Yes, she is an amazing lady and it was so fun to meet her. We had the best time. I have misplaced my cord to the camera/computer and I can't upload my new pictures now. Never a dull minute, is there? I just went on a ladies scrapbook/craft retreat last weekend. It was awesome. I just got new lenses for my glasses, but kept my frames. I have also done the whole series of BSF. It is awesome!! Which study are you all on now? John was my favorite!!! I am hosting Thanksgiving too and my daughters and my son-in-law will be here. I can't wait. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love & blessings from NC!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

It's me again!!! I had so much fun reading back through your old blog posts tonight. I copied down some of your recipes that I want to try. I love to knit too and I was interested in your knitting projects. Did you ever finish the crocheted necklace? That was awesome. Love your knitted socks and the shawl you posted about! Did I ever tell you that my Mother is from Texas. I have many wonderful memories of vacations spent with family in Texas. Love & blessings from NC!

Barbara H. said...

That retreat sounds wonderful -- especially someone else doing the cooking!

We like some of those at-home vacations used to get things done around the house. Sometimes that's the only way to get bigger projects done.

The Bible study sounds great!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Willow said...

What wonderful FFFs! I'm thinking, yes, hosting Thanksgiving- fun! (This year we're going to San Diego and my daughter is hosting!) BSF- great! (I was in Precepts studies for 10 years!) scrapbooking- yes! (Wow, do I need to spend a weekend organizing photos. Maybe I'll host a little party.) Have a happy week!

Susanne said...

A retreat with friends. How awesome!

New glasses are always fun! I think it might be time for a new pair for me. Butterflies, eh? Those sound really nice.