Monday, November 30, 2009

Brooklyn's New Purse

It's interesting to me to watch a little one just somehow know certain things.  For instance, we went shopping the day after Thanksgiving and mom found an adorable purse for Brooklyn.  Brightly colored beads on the handle, a jaunty hot pink bow and an embroidery bling'd crown that says Princess.

When mom handed the purse to Brooklyn she just automatically slung it up on her shoulder like she'd been doing it for ages!  Obviously a certain little two year old has seen other ladies do this, so she knew exactly what to do when the opportunity presented itself.

And as every lady knows, a purse (or bag as Brooklyn called it) needs to be filled with Very Important Stuff.  We started her on the right track by giving her a sample size bag of Craisins we'd gotten at the mall and a handkerchief from a box mom had just bought.  And when we stopped for lunch she had a toy from her kids meal to add to the bounty.

So where do the girlie traits come from at such a young age?

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Tales From My Empty Nest said...

How adorable!!! The purse and Brooklyn are both so cute. Love & blessings from NC!