Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

It's Friday and you know what that means around here - time to reflect on some favorite things of the last week.  And if you want to see more, head over to Suzanne's blog at Living To Tell The Story to see what others have to offer.

1. Lynne's birthday.  Our baby girl turned 24 this last week and we celebrated by all going out for dinner.  Besides the fact that the meal was fabulous and one of my favorite places to go, it was special because of us all being together.  Time together was shortened somewhat as she had other social obligations and had to leave, but really that's as it should be when you're 24.

2. My beloved granddaughter Brooklyn at the pumpkin patch.  We absolutely have so much out there and I can tell that in the coming years we'll enjoy it even more.  The fresh air and the carnival atmosphere is so fun.  This year was beyond crowded since we had rain for the two weeks prior to our going and this day was spectacularly beautiful. 

3. Knitting - or more specifically, sock knitting.  It doesn't matter how many times I knit a sock, I am still fascinated by the entire process.  I wonder who first figured out this mess with all the needles?  I'm certainly glad they did though as it is very satisfying to me to knit a pair.  I wonder if their last name was Sock.....

4. Lindor Truffles - Oh my word, why has nobody told me of these before?  I bought a bag to take to a crop last Saturday, then forgot them at home.  Really what's a woman to do but eat them herself?  The beauty of these is that one is really all I can eat, so it might be that these are better for me than other chocolates because I don't eat a million and four.

5. BSF - I love that every Monday night I pick up a girlfriend, we visit and laugh all the way to church, then the next few hours are spend in prayer and Bible time.  The time spent with the Lord and knowing that I can count on that time is priceless.


Heidi said...

Spending time with the kids is the best, I don't know about grandkids, yet, but I hope someday I will. You did the right thing eating the chocolates- no doubt about it. And now, I may just have to make a run to the store to get some myself. Power of the written word.

Julia said...

Lindor chocolates are really one of the best chocolates out there, I think.

I love knitted socks! I've knit one pair and they are the warmest socks I own. (Are you on Ravelry? I'm juliabca.)

Willow said...

Eating Lindor chocolates, knitting socks [beautiful yarn, by the way], going to Bible study, and enjoying your grandchild makes a perfect week!

Susanne said...

What a little sweetie your granddaughter is. So sweet with the pumpkin.

I can't believe you have never had Lindor before. My word woman! What took so long? LOL.