Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Dora Tent for Brooklyn

The internet is such a beautiful thing.  Right now Brooklyn absolutely loves Dora the Explorer and really I love it that she does.  They are silly little shows, but they actually do sneak in some learning opportunities.  Not that we spend a lot of time watching movies - she is still just 2 after all.  But it is an easy way to transition to quiet time and that does lead to a nap or bedtime.  When she's at MawMaw's house she wants to go-go-go and this helps.

Anyway, Loni is planning a sleepover for Brooklyn and her cousins.  Naturally that calls for a tent, so she turned to Craigslist and lo and behold found a Dora tent!  Luckily it was very close to me (being in DFW you just never know where you might end up), so off I went one evening.

I do have to say the 'pick-up' was funny in itself.  I agreed to meet the mom tent owner in the CVS parking lot, you know, so we would be in a public place and all that.  She had her young daughter and slightly older son with her and we chatted for a minute, then she got the tent out very quickly and into my truck.  Apparently we were hoping for the daughter to not see her tent leaving and she was successful.  I paid her and off I went, thinking what a strange feeling it was to meet a stranger in a parking lot, hand her money and leave with a tent.

We opened up the tent last night to check it out and Lynne' crawled inside to insert the stabilizer bar at the top.  Joe, our trusty golden retriever, thought this was a grand idea and went right in after her.  The tent has a back door and he went in and out the doors several time, wagging his tail and enjoying the moment.

Good times...............
Before I forget - I need to announce the winner of the book!  The winner is Grammy of The Kinz Family News!  Thanks to all for entering - I enjoyed being able to do this.


grammy said...

Thanks again for the book. What fun to win (o:
I have some tents like that one ( mine are princess) they are fun, but when a little one leans on the side the whole thing tips over... pretty soon they love doing it on purpose (o:

Diana Ferguson said...

Hello fellow Texan!! Enjoyed my visit and will be back.

Happy Fall...Lovin' these cooler temps.

Loni said...

Brooklyn calls it her Castle. :o) So much more magical than calling it a tent don't you think? I think it is so cute that she calls it that.