Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brooklyn Loves the Lake

I love how even at just over two years old Brooklyn already loves the lake. She is learning how to use her sea legs to walk in the boat and the sand beneath her toes is no longer as 'yucky' to her as it used to be.

We're also starting to see a few diva-like qualities coming out in her. Do you see the pose and the princess wave in the photo below? And I love her backwards cap and wearing her shades.

I do want to point out that she isn't actually tubing behind the boat or in deep water. She's on the tube, but the water probably only came up to our knees and she had quite a bit of family around her - naturally.


grammy said...

Love the little Diva. I have a two year old Granddaughter that is also a Diva. I love the way she puts her hands on her hips as she speaks her piece. Where do they learn that?

valerie said...

Oh my gosh, what an adorable picture!
You all will make lots of memories at the lake.
Fun, fun!!

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

she is just so stinkin cute! I love these pictures and she is so grown up!