Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Stolen Truck

On the way home from work I stopped at the grocery store to grab those last minute items for dinner. One of the sackers helped me out to the car carrying my groceries, only to witness me standing there looking around when we got out to the parking lot. "Ma'am, could you have parked somewhere else?" I told him what kind of car and what color I was looking for and another sacker came over to assist. "Ma'am, there isn't a car of that kind in the parking lot".

I took out my cell phone to call Keith and saw I had a missed call from him. Do you know that what went through my mind was that he must've come and gotten the car? Of course, he had no idea which grocery store I was at so really that couldn't happen. I called him and told him that I though the car might have been stolen and that I was going to call the police.

Went inside the store and the management there was so nice. I called the police and an officer was on the way. And the store managers all went in the office and unbelievably found the entire event on their security tapes! It was truly surreal to watch it unfold on the screen. A large truck came in right after me and parked two spaces down. I got out of my car and headed to the store, passing the store pharmacist who was going home from work. The pharmacist got in the car next to mine and left. The 'bad guys' backed up and reparked right next to my car, go out, got into my car and drove off. I kid you not - they got in and drove off in about 10 seconds.

Everybody has been very kind and honestly I'm so thankful that nothing worse happened. The two things that bother me most right now about my loss? My little camera from our family reunion last week was in the car and I hadn't gotten the photos off yet, so they are gone forever. And the prayer shawl I've been knitting for a friend was in there, so off it goes.

In chatting with a friend this morning we got to talking about the prayer shawl and she did point out that if the 'bad guys' end up giving it away to somebody at least it is filled with prayers. God has a way of working things out, so my new prayer about the shawl is that somebody will end up with it that needs all the prayers that have been knitted into it.

So this afternoon we go and get a rental car and try to figure out what else needs to be taken care of. It's really quite a mess and I still have a feeling of disbelief about the whole thing. And I wish that I could erase the tape in my mind of the young guys breaking in and then driving off in my car.


Runner Mom said...

Bless your precious heart! I am SO SO sorry! What a wonderful attitude you have! I pray with you that the prayer shawl will indeed minister to someone who needs prayer in a huge way!!


Just Call Me Grammy said...

Oh dear...As I began reading I thought surely you were going to say something else happened, not really stolen. It's not just the inconvenience, but the whole feeling that someone violated your personal property. Glad the loss was not any greater.

Crystal said...

OH MY I am so sorry to hear this..I really thought it wasn't going to actually be stolen, I thought maybe you lost your car. Then to finish reading, and you had to go through this. How scary, I am so glad to hear that you are okay.

Stephanie said...

Oh no...I hope they find your truck.

Mary Dodd said...

I am so sorry that happened to you...hopefully they will find it soon!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry! That is terrible. I hope they find it quickly!