Thursday, August 06, 2009

Brooklyn Tries Pop Rocks

Every time I go on a retreat with girlfriends we all bring snacks to share. One of our favorites is retro candy that we get at Cracker Barrel when we stop there for breakfast on the way to the retreat house. But I never thought to try some of them on Brooklyn.

Luckily Aunt Michele did! They stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way to our house last time and she bought a small back of classic candy. And in that bag was a package of Pop Rocks.

I kind of held my breath a little when she poured some into Brooklyn's hand to try. As she closed her mouth you could hear the little candies start to pop and Miss B furrowed her brow. But as you see in the photo she stuck her little hand out for some more.

And some more....and more.

I guess in the end grandmas just worry too much. Because I would've been afraid to try pop rocks on a little girl. She's very lucky to have fun aunts to do those things with her though. :)

And she's such a little sweetheart - she even shared her pop rocks with her pawpaw! Of course, in order to eat them he would've had a hard time getting them off her hand since they were stuck, but he is such a good sport about sticky, slimey candy from his granddaughter.

Good times.....


Michele said...

Aunts are so cool!

Marg said...

It's wonderful that you have family to share your little niece...She is so cute. Rock Pop? I bought my little guy some Nerds last week and he could not get enought.

Linda said...

She is just adorable Elizabeth. I had forgotten about pop rocks. It must have been a funny feeling to her to have that candy pop in her mouth.
She is very sweet to share!