Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Brooklyn's Birthday Party

One of the cutest things ever is going to a little one's birthday party. Brooklyn had a double theme going - the decorations were all horses and the cake was Barney. So many things she enjoys right now and it all works together when you are 2.

This photo was when we were all singing Happy Birthday to her. She was rather puzzled at first by the singing, but when she heard 'dear Brooklyn' she got the biggest smile on her face!

So much concentration when she was eating her birthday cake. I love the hint of green frosting on her lips. A one year old gets the smash cake and everybody loves to see the mess they make. When she turns two however, this is much cuter. Just that little bit to show that she's still learning to maneuver the fork. So darling!

I wanted to show these two pictures because it shows that even a two year old can appreciate a card. She was very intense as she opened the envelope and worked at getting the card out.

And then she sat and 'read' the card just as cute as could be! I'm well aware she didn't really read it, but I was pretty impressed by the time she took looking at it. Enjoying a card when she's two - she obviously has good taste and good manners.

We had such a nice time at her birthday party, even if I am a little late getting the pictures off the camera and onto the blog. :)


Michele said...

I love her!!!!

Just Call Me Grammy said...

Oh so cute! Looks like a very happy birthday. I loved the pictures of her looking at her card. Olivia called her cards her mail...made me laugh!

Tracy Batchelder said...

You are so good at capturing the sweet moments with your camera. Your granddaughter brings joy to all of us that visit here.

Loni said...

ok, since i was running around i have no pictures. I will definitally want access to print these. :o)

Linda said...

Just stopping over via Valerie...hope you don't mind.

I haven't been to a little one's birthday party in ages, which now is making me kinda sad as I think about it! I need to find me some kids to love on!

Brooklyn is ADORABLE and congrats on her birthday!

Runner Mom said...

How fun!!Thanks for sharing these special moments with us!

grammy said...

That was diffinatly a Hallmark moment. So cute.

Anonymous said...

What a little sweetie! I suddenly want a piece of cake with Barney on it! Ha.

valerie said...

Awww, that is precious! I love those pictures of her looking at her card. It certainly looks like she's reading it. So sweet!

Everyone loved the coconut cake. It was very yummy!
I appreciate the recipe.