Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello Kitty Car Exhaust

Went out to lunch with friends and on the way out of the restaurant we saw this car. Who wouldn't take a picture of it as it is so stinkin' cute! But really, we've all seen Hello Kitty stickers on car back windows.

A closer look revealed the cutest thing - Hello Kitty exhaust pipes! This car absolutely had to belong to a girly girl for her to have even decorated this little detail.

I can think of two people I know that would go nuts over these. And I have to admit that even though I'm not one of the Hello Kitty obsessed, I do think this is just darling.

Wonder how Keith would feel if I put these on my truck???

1 comment:

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

oh my gosh I love it! yes Hello Kitty obsessed here!