Monday, May 25, 2009

S'mores In The Oven

So the first three day weekend of the summer is now over. We went to the lake, but since the lake level was 11 feet high we didn't even get in the water. However, we did go down to the boat ramp and watch some of the action. The picture above shows probably the most amazing boat I've ever seen as they were putting it back on the trailer. The boat was big enough that it required a semi to pull - who says there's a recession?? With the excess water the truck had to back this far into the water just to be able to find the boat ramp and be able to get the boat back on. The "little" boat to the left is a nice sized normal boat, but it looks a little small next to that big one.

And above shows what a little determination can accomplish. We had planned to roast hot dogs and then make S'mores for dessert, but the rain made it a little uncomfortable to be outside manning the fire. Plan B was to boil the hot dogs and pop in the Miss Congeniality 2 dvd - excellent family evening. Lynne' still wanted s'mores, so her Plan B was to line a 13x9 pan with foil, put the graham cracker, chocolate bar and marshmallow on top, then set the pan under the broiler (watch this CLOSELY - it took probably about 30 seconds is all!). She then put the top graham cracker on and pressed it down - Perfect! And while she was preparing these we discovered that Keith had never tasted a s'more - ever! So last night was his first and I don't think he was over impressed simply because he's not a big fan of sweets. But Lynne' and I had a big smile on our faces. :)

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valerie said...

That is a huge boat. I can't believe it takes a semi to pull it!

Looks like plan B worked just fine for the smores.
That looks delicious!

Glad you have a nice weekend. It passed way too fast.