Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

Susanne at Living to tell the Story hosts a meme every Friday where you look back on your week and talk about 5 of your favorite things. I *love* looking for the joy, so I thought I'd do it this week. Can't guarantee I'll do it every week as I tend to flit around so much, but we'll see. :)

1. Y'all might get tired with my tomato stories, but really I am just so tickled pink about the whole thing! I wish I'd known long ago how much pleasure I could get from growing my own produce. Who knew?

2. I can't say a lot about this project yet as it is a gift, but I have gotten so much pleasure knitting on it this week. The last few things I've knit have been more 'deadline' oriented and the joy wasn't there. As this is a gift I've gotten to spend a lot of time thinking of the recipient and praying for her.

3. A guilty pleasure - mini peanut butter cups from Sprouts! I adore chocolate and peanut butter together and am also a big fan of miniature things. When I saw these babies in the bulk food section my heart fluttered in delight. Helen asked if I was going to bring some on our retreat and I had to say no - if I brought these I'd eat like a piggy! So now I 'reward' myself when I go get groceries at Sprouts with a small bit of these wonderful morsels. ~ sigh ~

4. This Bible study is simply amazing. I am learning so much about the Holy Spirit within me - pages and pages of notes! Any time a study can get you excited and give you that 'I can't wait to do it' each morning is a very good thing.

5. OK, I didn't see her this week and the photo is from Easter, but this little girl is still one of my Fav's and always will be! :)


Debby said...

This is a wonderful way to reflect on the week and I enjoyed it. I love our garden even though at the end of the season I'm sort of glad that the picking and weeding are done. And nothing beets (pun intended) fresh grown food. And my Friday fav would always be the grandmunchkins too.

cinnamongirl93 said...

This is a great idea! I love growing my own veggies too. I can't stop from smiling when I check out the progress of my garden.
I really need to check out the Beth Morre bible study you are doing. It looks so interesting.
I enjoyed your post today!

Joansie said...

So great getting to know you better this way!! Thanks for sharing.

I had my own garden for years and it brings a tremendous amount of pleasure. Even the smell of the tomato plants puts a smile on my face.

Tina Leigh said...

Nothin like a "Home-Grown" as we call it, on your BLT!!

I love Beth Moore...haven't done this study tho.

Goodness what a beautiful little girl...I know the feeling!!!

Jerralea said...

I adore peanut butter and chocolate and miniature things, too. And home-grown tomatoes ... yum!

God bless you, and I hope you participate in FFF again.

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Le Bleu Bonnet Boutique said...

I nearly pee'd my pants today when I went out and saw a whole cluster of tomatos on my plant that is in the ground. I think that is a yellow tomato plant and that makes me super excited. I was worried I would not get any yellow ones. I do love me some yellow tomatos.

Ginger said...

I love this post...nothing like home grown tomatoes! This is a great idea to post your 5 favorite things! What a great way to reflect on the good things! Have a great weekend. :)

ellen b. said...

Hi Elizabeth! Looks like you had a mighty fine week! I'd be excited to show off tomatoes too is I could make them grow :0) (Ok well God makes them grow but you planted them and are taking care of them) I love chocolate and peanut butter together too! We just finished our Women's Bible Study today and I'm looking forward to starting up again in the fall. Blessings!!

Willow said...

Welcome to Fave Five! I love this meme because it reminds me to focus on God's love and care every week.

I love growing tomatoes too! We have some ripe ones!

Yolanda said...

What a DELIGHTFUL post! I've never heard of Sprouts, but those little "mini's" look delicious.

Susanne said...

Hi Elizabeth and welcome to Fave Five!

I'm looking forward to having home grown tomatoes this year too. I did two container plants. Mine are only little stems yet though. Wish me luck. I'm probably going to need it. LOL.

Mini pnut butter and chocolate cups. Yummy!

Brenda said...

I´ve done that study by Beth Moore and its a good one! What a good idea to put a picture of the peanut butter cups next the dime. I don´t think I have ever seen those before but they look fun!

Renna said...

So, is that tomato plant from the one you planted upside down in the bag? :-o

The knitting looks very pretty. I can't wait to see more, and hear more about it. :-)

Chocolate. That very word makes my mouth water.

I have never done a Beth Moore bible study, though I have watched her on James Robison's programs when she teaches on there on Wednesdays.

You went all week without seeing that baby???