Monday, May 18, 2009

My Computer is Back Home!

Well Praise and Glory be - my computer is out of the shop as of about 2 hours ago! Now I'll be able to catch up on a bunch. :)

Over the weekend was one of 3 retreats I go on each year with girlfriends. It started out that we all met as scrapbooking friends, but now the retreat has really just turned into girlfriend time. I did some sewing and quilting all weekend (and will post pictures just as soon as I take them) and I think that all the others were working on something scrapbook related, including one digital scrapbooker. But more than that we laughed and shopped and ate and took naps and whatever else struck our fancy for an entire weekend. Definitely good times and I feel very blessed to have a husband that doesn't blink an eye over me leaving for weekends like this.

The retreat house we go to is very well priced, mostly because we take care of our own foods. I think we've been to this house 4 times now and our food plan has evolved over time. The first time we tried doing one meal and having different ladies plan it and have done a couple of variations on that theme. What we discovered worked best for us though is basically for everybody to bring what they want for all meals and then we eat out on Saturday night. My menu was mostly panini sandwiches (there's always a panini maker there for us to share) and pastries from a local german bakery we found. The kitchen table is home to all the snacks that everybody brings to share and it works out just perfect.

Tomorrow night is my 2nd Bible study! We didn't meet last week as the hostess had to cancel (her mom is receiving treatment for cancer and had a bad day, so of course she needed to be with mom), so this is week 2 of our study. Totally enjoying it.

And that's the first update I have with my computer back home where it belongs. When we dropped it off at the shop I did tell the worker guys that I love this machine and that I usually put a mint on the pillow for my computer each night, so hopefully they treated it nice as well. :)

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