Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Day

Today I try and capture so many pictures and thoughts from the Thanksgiving weekend. It truly was picture perfect and I enjoyed every moment of our time.

This year our celebration was at the in-law's home. I am so blessed that the two families started celebrating together years ago. I was a little unsure about MIL doing it this year after her sister passed away just days ago. But it turned out that she was so happy that this had been planned because after getting back to town from the funeral she had this to prepare for and look forward to and it helped to distract.

We have the tradition of going around the table (and it was a big table indeed this year!) before eating to say what you are thankful for. Sooo many tears this year, especially with the passing of Vonna. My turn came and I was holding little miss Brooklyn, so naturally I started with my thankfulness of this happy, healthy baby. Then I teared up and couldn't say anything else! I was disappointed that it happened that way because there were so many things I wanted to say. I am abundantly blessed with my family and friends, my marriage, my health and really the only thing I could blubber out was how thankful I was for this grandbaby. :)

Speaking of Brooklyn, a fun time we had was watching her eat her first vegetable! It was so much fun to watch as she had a delightful time. She'd get a bite of carrots, then blow bubbles with it, grinning very big when we'd all laugh! So smart of her mama to think to just take her little dress off before starting because right after this picture her mama and her great aunt took her and gave her a bath.

Another fun moment - the turkey came out of the oven and a committee of five stood around giving advice on how best to carve it. From the left - mom, Michele (SIL), MIL, Keith, FIL. The turkey carving winner was Michele as she wowed us all with her knowledge from watching Food Network. And people say tv isn't educational... hehehehe!!!

A very special moment, which made a very precious photo. This is my grandmother holding Brooklyn, her great-great-granddaughter. So abundantly blessed.
There is so much to say when it is Thanksgiving and you really take the time to think of your blessings. Our gathering this year was my MIL, FIL, mom, grandmother, Gary (my brother), his wife Michele, Brad (Keith's brother), his wife Rhonda, Lynne', James, Loni, Brooklyn, Keith and I. We also had 4 dogs (MIL's granddogs) Joe and Xena and Brad and Rhonda's Shelties - Harmony and Brandywine. It was a busy, content, satisfying day.

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Anonymous said...

I love the picture of your grandmother and Brooklyn. That was the sweetest picture ever!!!!