Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Musings

Sometimes there really just are not the words you need. Keith's Aunt Vonna has passed away. There are some people in life that are able to make you feel loved and welcome to their family and she definitely was one of those. She will be missed.

I love this picture. We went out geocaching yesterday and had, as always, a really good time. This one happened to be out at the lake and it was a little exciting. We had to walk into what I consider a forest, though I say that with the disclaimer that I'm quite a city girl and most would probably call it a couple of trees. Anyway, we walked along making crunchy sounds walking on the dried, fallen leaves when something scurried in front of me. Always ready with my walking stick to do a little kung fu I went looking. It was a lizard and he was pretty good sized. OK, no longer scarey and we resumed our walking. Again, something scurried, but this time Joe saw it and really, really wanted to take out after it. Turns out it was a bunny with a cute little cottontail. He finally did some leaps and bounds and left and oh did that dog ever want to run after it. At this point Joe got returned to the truck, where he did a grand version of doggy pouting. When Keith and I were finished and walking to the truck I thought Joe looked cute and snapped a picture with my phone. What I didn't realize is that Keith and I were reflected in the side of the truck. Even better, because of the shape of the truck (I'm assuming) we came out looking like Munchkins! Really tickled me.
I did get a chance to be creative a bit yesterday and worked on some cards. This was my desk when I got up to go to bed. I had to leave some things out so the Stickles could dry and I kind of liked the creative mess it all created.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
The knitted pixie hat for Brooklyn? So sad. I got my needles mixed up during the kitchener stitch and when I did the first point I ended up having the little curly-q right in the middle of the hat! I tried to un-kitchener and ended up losing stitches left and right, so finally just frogged the whole thing. I have it re-knit up to the point of the kitchener again, so hopefully it will work out better this time around.

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so sorry to hear about Aunt Vonna...