Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Pictures!

So much fun last night! When we first got to the kids' house Brooklyn had on her little orange outfit that she wore to daycare that day. Darling little girl! She's holding onto a still wrapped Tootsie roll pop in the picture and I just think it's so neat to watch them add abilities. Hard to believe she's already able to grasp things! I did take it from her after a minute because Grandma does know that she's not old enough for suckers yet. :)

Loni is wearing most of her costume here that she wore to work. In addition to the ears and makeup she carried a feather duster around - she was a Dust Bunny!!!! She changed Brooklyn into her little monkey suit after a little bit.

I love the back view of our monkey - doesn't she have a cute tail???

Her blue eyes showed up well here, so of course this picture made the cut.

And Loni got out Cheeto's (the cat) costume from last year and he was a butterfly again. You can barely see it here, but he's got hold of the little feathery end of a cat toy on a string that's hooked on a stick. Loni can move this around and Cheeto does the most amazing jumps and flips. Olympic Cheeto!

We went out to eat a little later than normal because we wanted to see the Trick or Treaters that came to the house. When we got back I just enjoyed myself immensely having a conversation with Brooklyn while Loni got her ready for bed. I held her and loved on her while Keith was saying "Elizabeth we need to go home now. Elizabeth give Brooklyn back to Loni. Elizabeth put the baby down!" hehehehehehe......Sometimes that really is what it takes to get me to stop kissing on that little doll!!!

"Always kiss your children goodnight -- even if they're already asleep." - Loretta Lynn


Anonymous said...

Brooklyn is so adorable!

Tasha said...

Oh my goodness! She is too adorable!