Monday, November 26, 2007

Mom's Rolls

In every family there are certain foods that just "have to be there" when it's a holiday gathering. Topping the list in my family is my mother's rolls. They are legendary....truly.
She had them sitting out to raise early in the morning and the yeasty smell was very taunting. And notice how I managed to find a picture of the raising rolls that just happened to include Brooklyn! Her Great-Aunt Rhonda is holding her while her Great-Grandma Herman looks on.
This was a silly one. Loni heard the rolls were done and came in to sneak one before dinner! BUSTED!!! :)
(See Brooklyn's picture on Great-Grandma's refrigerator???)

Michele brought them out to the table, treating them with the reverance they deserved. We were humming a song of happiness as they descended into their rightful place at the table. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Man I just want to jump in the computer and bit that roll Loni has in her hands. YUM!!!! My Mom makes rolls every year too, but I rarely eat any, because of all of the dressing I eat. I figure I better pick and choose and so I pick the dressing. Its too good not to eat.