Tuesday, January 23, 2007

LSSK Square #1

What an exciting mail day I had yesterday! I am in an online knitting group for the state of Texas and one of our traditions is to knit a square for all expecting moms and grandmas, then we can sew all the squares together to make a baby blanket. I received my first one yesterday!!! The picture is funny because this square is really more of a lime green, but you know cameras can be funny. Right now there are three of us grandma-to-be's - Theresa and I are expecting our first grandbaby and I think this is Vicki's third (maybe 4th???). So much fun and I had this square with me a lot last night loving it and petting it and imaging a little baby on a blanket made from these squares. Oh and I almost forgot to mention - this beauty and my very first square is from Enid, who is such a good little mama. Hard to believe how much knitting she gets done with how busy she is homeschooling her kids. Thanks dear! :)
Now I need to get going on mine! I have one square knitted, but no ends woven in yet and one more square to begin.

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Anonymous said...

I may have to do an Oklahoma square to see it it will make it into the blanket.