Thursday, January 11, 2007

January Is UFO to FO Month

You know how January rolls around and people start thinking about organization? Stores have storage bins on sale and my eyes glisten at the sight of all that beautiful plastic just waiting to be filled with stuff. Well step one in organization is getting things OUT of the bins!

Some of the gals in my knitting groups have decided to "knit from our stash" - with a few exceptions of course - and turn our UFO's (unfinished objects) into FO's (finished objects - did you see that one coming?).

The photo shows the projects that made the cut for me. Many projects showed up for the audition, but not everybody can win.
  • The far left is an olive green Fetching glove. I guess I should mention that this pair of gloves was destined to be a Christmas gift, but luckily the recipient didn't know that. ;) Need to do another glove.
  • Next up is a pair of Joan's Socks. This was the first sock I ever did and my mom showed me how. It's Wool Ease yarn and size big needles. These are just for me to wear around the house and they've been like a monkey on my back every time I cast on for pretty socks.
  • A scarf out of Eros yarn - also a Christmas present
  • A scarf for the Red Scarf Project that I dearly love and that's what I'm working on most right now.

Last night was knit night and we first met at a restaurant to celebrate one gal's birthday. I tasted a friend's tofu and for the first time ever I actually loved it and plan on ordering it next time we go there - who knew?!?!

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