Monday, January 29, 2007

Friday Night Frivolities

I am finding that the adjustment to working full-time with an autoimmune problem is a lot more taxing than I thought it would be. Most nights I pretty much come home from work, eat dinner, clean the kitchen and go to bed. And that's one of the reasons that last Friday night was special to me.

Dawn came over, heaving a big bag filled with stuff. She had warned me that she would probably wear her pajamas and sure enough she did! This shows just how comfortable it was. :) First we set up my winder and swift and started winding yarn. The picture above was at the end of the night and shows just how beautiful all the yarns were. Each yarn cake that came off the winder was sufficiently oo'd and ah'd over before setting aside. Let's see if I can remember what they are: Upper left is Candy Corn by an Etsy vendor (I'll look it up later); under that is Violet's Pink Ribbon by Lisa Souza (soooo worth the wait!); very top center and top right is Lorna's Lace Ice House; middle center is Socks That Rock Fairgrounds; bottom center is something wonderful from an Etsy vendor; bottom far right is a Sunshine Yarn from Etsy. And I am so not telling how many of them are mine and which are Dawn's!!!

Next she pulled out some beading supplies and off we went. The clever girl had looked up a stitch marker tutorial online and made a couple at home and that was all it took! She shared this knowledge with me and I really enjoyed it. I would say that I hope I don't have another hobby in the making, but need to add that I did notice that Hobby Lobby has their jewelry making things and beads on sale half price this week. I'm not sure I'll be able to resist all week. I do know that other friend Dawn makes jewelry, so if I do go to the dark side at least I'll have somebody to play with - LOL!

After the stitch markers Dawn showed me how to knit socks on 2 circs! I don't know if I'm ready to give up my beloved Lantern Moon dpn's, but I do enjoy learning new methods.

Joe started out the evening underfoot and in the middle of everything we did. And he happily dispensed wet doggy kisses to Dawn, though I'm not sure she really appreciated it much! But as the picture clearly shows, by the end of the evening he was pretty bored with us. :)

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