Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cake Information

Here's the cake I made yesterday. I will confess that the first bite I took I was a little disappointed as this is a very dense cake, unlike the light and fluffy box mixes. But the more I ate the more I loved it and my beloved agreed - this cake actually has FLAVOR...unlike the box mixes! This will be the yellow cake I make over and over.

The recipe can be found here if you'd like to try it. And in fact I highly recommend this cooking blog as every recipe I've tried from there is great. She shows the recipe with a fluffy white frosting, but Lynne' and I weren't in the mood for that, so I found a chocolate frosting recipe here and used the cream she suggested. We prefer a 'harder' frosting, but this one has such good flavor that it's ok. And we liked the recipe enough that we plan on trying it with the Godiva liqueur once we acquire some.

And let me just add that a piece of cake and glass of milk has made a wonderful breakfast today! ;)

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