Monday, July 15, 2013

Movies on Monday - Despicable Me 2

I don't know if there are even enough words to describe how much we enjoyed seeing this movie!  We made plans to meet the kids at a theater (a different one that also serves meals!) to see Despicable Me 2 and I was like a kid before Christmas I was so excited!

First thing Keith and I did was plan our lunch at McD so that we could get the Happy Meal toys to give to Brooklyn at the movie.  The little whistle thingy didn't work on either toy, but really that was ok because B and I used them to have sword fights and all was good.  ;)   And when I posted this to FB one of my cousins left a comment reminding me that you can buy just the Happy Meal toy for only a dollar, so next time we'll probably do without the meal.  Although it has been many years between the time my kids were Happy Meal age and now my granddaughter is Happy Meal age and I have to say that I thought the little french fry holder was CUTE!!

I forgot to take a picture of B & I at the theater until after the movie had already started and the photo turned out really dark.  But the wonders of post-processing at least made it to where we are visible and that's a memory right there.

Just in case you're on the fence about whether or not to see this movie, my advice is get thee there as quickly as you can!  There were so many Laugh Out Loud moments for Brooklyn and of course hearing her laugh made me laugh even harder.  And now one of the family sayings just happens to be "Bee-Dough, Bee-Dough, Bee-Dough" from the movie.  Just too funny!

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